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If you are interested in an AHSPs course, contact your home school's VET Coordinator.


Adelaide Hills Student Pathways (AHSPs) is a group of member schools in the Adelaide Hills who work together to provide Vocational Education and Training (VET)  opportunities for their students, incorporating the Adelaide Hills Trade Training Centre.


Students from member schools have priority in being placed in AHSPs courses, however students from non-member schools can apply to do courses (see your school VET Coordinator).

Adelaide Hills Vocational College

VET Coordinator

Keeley Gray     Ph:  8391 1599

Mount Barker High School

VET Coordinator

Keeley Gray    Ph:  8391 1599

Birdwood High School

VET Coordinator

Richard Hollands Ph:  8568 5100

Cornerstone College

VET Coordinator

Anthony Doyle    Ph:  8398 6000

Hills Christian Community School

VET Coordinator

Andrew March   Ph:  8388 7811

Heathfield High School

VET Coordinator

Caitlin Taylor      Ph:  8139 9300

18100 Oakbank=logo_FC_V.png
Oakbank School

VET Coordinator

Megan Forder    Ph:  8398 7200

St Francis de Sales College

VET Coordinator

Katie Oliver    Ph:  8393 1000

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